A mobile branch van will stop on Tuesday for 5 minutes in the nearby village. So what?

I only went looking for a bank — by Steven Camley
  • May require 24 to 48h advance notice to the van in order to be performed
  • Have lower limits in terms of transaction value
  • Are reflected with delay in the customer’s account.
Geographic location and capacity of the mobile and physical branches for two large banks
  1. The limited service range, (extremely) reduced opening times and unreliability of the schedule indicate that the mobile branches should not be considered a replacement for the physical branches but only an additional service for very specific conditions.
  2. The lack of a dynamic schedule information akin to public transport information, makes people’s lives quite difficult as many end up travelling for many miles just to wait in a parking lot for a van that does not turn up and they have no way of knowing if the situation will not repeat the following week. Twitter abounds of such complaints.


  • the Open Banking APIs for branches for the banks with mobile branches are below:
  1. LBG:https://api.lloydsbank.com/open-banking/v2.2/branches
  2. BOS: https://api.bankofscotland.co.uk/open-banking/v2.2/branches
  3. RBS:https://openapi.rbs.co.uk/open-banking/v2.2/branches
  4. Natwest: https://openapi.natwest.com/open-banking/v2.2/branches
  • the code for accessing the APIs and reproducing the figures will be published next week here.





Banking Systems Architect. Curious. Antifragile.

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Andra Sonea

Andra Sonea

Banking Systems Architect. Curious. Antifragile.

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