An absurd referendum

The Referendum Law

Our Parliament wants to be very efficient. Instead of creating a law for THIS referendum they adjusted an old law (Legea 3/2000) and they are supposed to use it for all referendums from now on when they want to modify the Constitution.

Who has the right to participate in the referendum

All Romanian citizens over 18 years old by 6th of October. People who lost definitively their rights to vote by law are not allowed to vote.

What is the question

The question is, no kidding, “Do you agree with the modification of the Constitution in the form adopted by the Parliament?” Which law? What modification? Which Parliament? This can be your guess. How people buy this and they go to vote Yes” is beyond me.

Is the referendum is mandatory or advisory

As per the modification of the Referendum Law 3/2000, all the referendums will be mandatory in their application. We don’t do advisory stuff.



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Andra Sonea

Andra Sonea

Banking Systems Architect. Curious. Antifragile.