The mobile branch did not come this week. So what?

1. When is the wee van in Stonehaven?

2. The van did not show up today

  • people drive from great distance to go to the parking lot where the mobile van is schedule to come
  • they wait there quite a while until they give up waiting
  • they are not sure if this is a worthwhile exercise the following week
  • those waiting are usually small business owners and they waste precious time whihc costs them money

3. The customer incurs charges

4. Accessible branches

No RBS branches within 5 miles of SK14. Zoom on this map if you want to explore your area.

4. The mobile van stops for 5 minutes per week

I don’t have a tweet for this but I have a graph. Each point on the graph below represents a RBS mobile branch stop. On the y-axis we have the latitude which tells us that we look at Scotland here. On the x-axis we have the “capacity” a.k.a. the proportion of opening hours out of 46.5 h, the usual weekly open hours of a physical branch. You notice that most mobile branches have a capacity close to zero. In fact, the total of mobile branch stops, as per Open Banking API in Nov’19, sums to capacity of 5.72 so less than 6 full time physical branches.

RBS Mobile branches according to their Open Banking API, Nov ’19 y-axis: Latitude x-axis: capacity. For a dynamic graph, see the example in the technical section
Screenshot RBS branches map, Nov ‘19

People have (some) solutions. Just listen.

  1. deposit accepting ATMs

Technical stuff

If you want to see for yourself the maps of mobile and physical branches, I have uploaded here a jupyter notebook with an example for Lloyds Banking Group: TFI_AccessToBanking/Example LBG_extraction_capacity_visualisation.ipynb



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