TL;DR: we made a joke out of the Open Banking/Open Data APIs

  1. Open Banking, the much envied UK initiative to establish industry wide standards for the implementation of the PSD2, required the banks which were part of this entity/initiative, to define and publish a set of APIs, which were not part of the PSD2 regulation, namely: banking branches, ATMs, and products APIs.
  2. These APIs however are not mandatory for the whole industry and I have not seen any financial institution to adopt them voluntarily. As a consequence, they offer an incomplete view of the “physical infrastructure” of access to banking in the UK. See the this list for the existing API urls.
FTNI Open Banking Branches API — run on 26th of April 2020




Banking Systems Architect. Curious. Antifragile.

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Andra Sonea

Andra Sonea

Banking Systems Architect. Curious. Antifragile.

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